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Hewlett-Packard Centre de Competence France (HPF) (France)

In France, the Hewlett-Packard Centre de Competences France (HPF) entity combines all of HP's R&D and manufacturing activities in France. The HP OpenCall Software group, which is responsible for HP's telecom software business, has two R&D labs in France, in Grenoble and in Valbonne.

The HP OpenCall product portfolio includes telecom protocol stacks, voice/video media platforms, service platforms and mobility management solutions. The OpenCall group works with application partners to deliver a wide range of telecom solutions, including convergent charging solutions, interactive  voice/video solutions, location-based solutions, messaging solutions, advanced call routing solutions and collaborative solutions, all based on OpenCall  technology. These products and solutions have been deployed in many telecom networks, both fixed and mobile, around the world.

With the evolution from circuit-switched networks to IP networks, and the emergence of new network standards such as IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) from 3GPP, the OpenCall Software group are evolving their portfolio of products and solutions to support the new, media rich, communication applications that are expected to emerge. One particular area of focus within HP Grenoble is on the so-called community-based applications, which are expected to deliver new forms of interaction and communication within a group or community context, particularly for mobile users.