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PICOS Exhibition Stand
Where we are (Zone R7-09)

PICOS @ Networking Sessions
Identity management throughout life – solutions, trends, side effects
(29 Sep 2010, 11 h, T013)
Networked Multimedia Technologies with Security and Privacy Aspects
(28 Sep 2010, 16 h, T013)

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PICOS is at the ICT 2010 Conference/Exhibition in September 2010.

Learn more about this major european event with regard to research in ICT, about our stand on the ICT Exhibition and our Networking Session on this site. For further information and questions related to PICOS at the ICT 2010, please feel free to contact us.

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The Event

ICT 2010 is the major event for european research in information and communication technologies. On three days, from September 27 to 29, 2010, ICT 2010 will take place at Brussels, Belgium. 

The ICT 2010 focuses two key topics [more details]:

  • "Powering our sustainable future: the potential of digital solutions to promote sustainable growth in a low carbon economy"

  • "The human face of the digital age: the continuing constructive role of ICT in the daily life of citizens and the importance of public participation in the innovation process."

ICT 2010 comprises a "Conference" part, including sessions on various topics and guest speakers from science and practice, as well as an "Exhibition" part, including presentations by a number of selected european research projects. As PICOS is one of these, we will be represented with our own PICOS stand on the 10.000 m² huge "Exhibition" area. The Conference includes the PICOS Networking Session, which complements our appearance at ICT 2010.

PICOS at ICT 2010

PICOS is represented at ICT2010 with an own Exhibition stand and with two Networking Sessions.

The Exhibition stand lets you explore live some of our truly unique privacy and identity management features for communities. At our stand we will show the PICOS Gaming Community Application Prototype. After ourpresentation of the first PICOS Community Application Prototype at this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, at ICT 2010 we present the completely new 2nd PICOS Commmunity Prototype, dedicated to the Gaming Community. The prototype will be presented as an interactive demo at the stand! Additionally, we will give you more insights about the backgrounds and achievements of our project and you will get a chance to talk with some of the people behind PICOS.

The first Networking Session is conducted in close collaboration with the projects PrimeLife, TURBINE, SEMIRAMIS and PetWeb II. After our Networking Session at ICT 2008, this session is again dedicated to present research results from the participating EU projects. We aim to exchange findings and experiences and discuss them with an interested public. A second Networking Session is dedicated to "Networked Multimedia Technologies with Security and Privacy Aspects". It focuses on the delivery and sharing of multimedia content in networks, another area, which becomes increasingly important for communities and which is able to benefit from our unique identity management concepts.