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Masarykova Univerzita Brno (BRNO) (Czech Republic)

Masarykova univerzita (Masaryk University - MU), located in Brno, is the second biggest university in the Czech Republic; it houses nine faculties of more than 190 departments, institutes and clinics. Faculty of Informatics (FI) has 61 academics, including ten full professors. FI MU is an active member (Executive Committee membership) of ERCIM (European Consortium in Informatics and Mathematics, which includes members from most of European countries). The security and privacy group at FI has carried out research projects in the areas of network security, biometrics, public-key infrastructures, tamper-resistant hardware devices; applied and quantum cryptography; evaluation of security properties of biometric systems; privacy modelling and user profiling in large systems and networks.

Research on hardware security is also carried out in a close cooperation with the Brno University of Technology. The group is also an integral part of the FIDIS (Future of Identity in the Information Society) Network of Excellence.