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The approach taken by the project is to research, develop, build, trial and evaluate an open, privacy-respecting, trust-enabling identity management platform that supports the provision of community services by mobile communication service providers.  

The work is sequentialized in 4 phases:

Phase 1: A systematic analysis of stakeholders, terminology and taxonomy of on-line communities with particular focus on trust, privacy and personal information.

Phase 2: Definition of a framework for trust and privacy in on-line communities, definition and elaboration of requirements and definition of the trial plan for the community trials.

Phase 3.1 & 3.2: Development & construction of the PICOS platform prototype, the community applications prototypes and their evaluation using trials.

Phase 4: Finalizing of the PICOS platform, documentation, exploitation planning

A graphical representation of the timeline and PICOS phases can be found below.

To achieve its goal, PICOS will develop the platform in two development cycles. The purpose of the first cycle is to create and validate the platform architecture and design concepts and their acceptability from a user experience viewpoint. The purpose of the second cycle is to provide a richer and more capable platform, with an end-to-end scope.

Within the development cycles, several procedures will ensure goal conformance:

  • Platform design according to requirements
  • Platform prototype implementation from design
  • Deploy platform prototype into community application prototype
  • Execute community trials with real users
  • Evaluate


The evaluation between Phase 3.1 and Phase 3.2 will improve the platform by enhancing its design for the reworking in phase 3.2.

Results from the project, both formal deliverables and other outputs that arise from the knowledge gained, will be disseminated throughout the duration of the project and afterwards via a number of different means. E.g. via this website and in scientific publications, on conferences and on workshops.