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Universidad de Málaga (UMA) (Spain)

The research group that will represent UMA in PICOS is the Information Security Group, that is a part of the Software Engineering Group (GISUM). Since it was formed in 1990, GISUM has become one of the biggest research groups among Spanish universities with 25 PhD Professors and a large number of PhD students and research staff.

GISUM has been awarded the topmost grade ("group of excellence") by the Regional Government of Andalusia. The members of the Security group inside GISUM are involved in research concerning different aspects of Internet security, with special interest in Analysis and Development of Protocols, Trust Management, Digital Certification, and Ubiquitous Security. The Security group consists of six faculty members, eight PhD students and two postdocs. The  group has participated in projects of the V and the VI Framework Programme (CASENET, UBISEC, SERENITY, GREDIA and SMEPP), and has substantially contributed during last years to scientific  community through publication of papers in relevant international conferences and journals.

From an international point of view the group collaborates with institutions such as Fraunhofer SIT, through an Inter-institutional Scientific and Research Agreement, with the Center for Cryptography, Computer and Network Security (CCCNS) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (USA) and the Institute for Infocomm Research (Singapore) through several researchers interchange.