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Latest News:

12.06.12 14:05

PICOS presentation at German Security Conference

PICOS and its concepts on identity management and means for context-based privacy protection will...

29.03.12 09:57

Protecting privacy in the mobile internet age

A new article on the CORDIS Technology Marketplace features the results of PICOS and its importance...

05.09.11 13:57

Achievements & Impacts

Our About section now provides all the final information on the achievements we have made in PICOS...


Welcome to the PICOS Homepage


PICOS - Privacy and Identity Management for Community Services


Who we are

Privacy and Identity Management for Community Services (PICOS) is an international research project, focused on mobile communities. The PICOS consortium consists of eleven partners from seven different countries, supported by the EU as a part of the Trust & Security Group within the 7th Research Framework Programm. It contains specialists from the fields of science, research and industry.

Our Motivation

Online communities connect millions of people around the world, to communicate, interact and share interests.  As these communities are getting more mobile, becoming an ubiquitous part of our lives, new opportunities and challenges emerge. 

Our Mission

PICOS has the mission to investigate mobile communities and their services. Especially regarding aspects like privacy and identity management as well as technical and economical aspects.

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