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PICOS will develop and build a state-of-the-art platform for providing the trust, privacy and identity management aspects of community services and applications on the Internet and in mobile  communication networks. The PICOS approach to trustworthy on-line community collaboration addresses the following four questions:

  • What are the Trust, Privacy and Identity issues in new context-rich mobile communication services, especially community-supporting services?
  • How can information flows and privacy requirements be balanced in complex distributed service architectures (e.g., mash-ups)?
  • How can these issues be solved in an acceptable, trustworthy, open, scalable, manner?
  • Which supporting services and infrastructures do the stakeholders need?


PICOS will first review contemporary research in relevant disciplines. Work will then focus on platform design and prototype development in order to create interoperable, open, privacyrespecting identity and trust management tools that can be demonstrated to the public. These will be used to construct community application prototypes by leading industry partners in close cooperation with the targeted community. Finally the prototypes will be trialled and selfevaluated by PICOS concerning usability, ergonomics, legal issues, trust and privacy.