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Finalizing, Production of Results, Final Reports, Exploitation

The final 4th phase of PICOS is dedicated to the completion of the project including documentation and dissemination of results.

In addition to the continuous dissemination activities conducted throughout the project lifetime, we used this phase to further exploit the PICOS results and achievements in research and practice. Publications with regard to major results from our work as well as numerous conferences, fairs and workshops build the basis to spread the ideas and concepts we developed. To support a sustainable impact in practice, also industry related events such as the Mobile World Congress were used for dissemination activities.The industrial partners involved in PICOS furthermore aim to use our results in various way for the development and enhancement of poducts and services.

The phase also included the preparation of final reports and not least the preparation of our summit event at the IFIP SEC 2011, in Lucerne (June 2011). This event served as an extraordinary opportunity to present PICOS to an international audience.

The phase was extended until June 2011, also to allow further dissemination and exploitation activities.